Tucker is a rare breed. A man of such integrity as to look within an reassess his values. Admittedly. He is in no way hateful nor bigoted. He is insightful.

What I found most impressive is his uncanny ability to apply psychological profiling when outlining the machinations of manipulation. Including Trump’s need for fawning adulation.Trump was easily fooled time and again.”He/she said nice things about me”.

Sadly, we’ll never live to see a President Carlson. A President Gabbard, President Schactel, President RFK Jr, Giuliani, Flynn, McCullough… we never had the opportunity to vote for a candidate Moynihan, a native born Barbara Jordan. We’ll never hear from Assange, Nathan Cain, Bill Binney, Stephen Hatfill.. we were deprived of hearing from Terry Turchie, Admiral Lyon, Ramon Oswui, Luc Montagnier, Peter Pry,Phil Haney, Kary Mullis, Seth Rich, Andrew Breitbart, Tom Clancy, .. Lara Logan, Sharyl Attkisson, O’Keefe, Matt Taibbi, Frank Gaffney, Michael Shellenberger, Diana West, Chris Farrell, Kash Patel, Brandon Straka, Scott Pressler, Dov Hikind, Richard Pollock, Ami Horowitz, David Horowitz, Dave Reaboi, Jim Hanson, Adm Tata, Zudhi Jasser, Naomi Wolf, Kim Iversen, Andrew Pollack, Ian Cheong, Andy Ngo, Neil Oliver, John Campbell, Marc Marano, Robert Epstein, Russell Brand, RFK Jr, Rob Carson, Patrice Onwuka, Chloe Valdary, Ayaan Hirsi-Al, Jamal Altamini, Asra Nomani, Max Alvarez, Rob Carson, Caitlyn Jenner, Chadwick Moore, Mattias Desmet, John Ionnides, Judy Mikovits, Harvey Risch, Michael Yeadon, Steve Kirsch, Dr Shiva, Simone Gold, Joseph Ladapo, Tom Woods, Michael Levitt, Scott Atlas, Patrick Meryl Nass, Glenn Beck, Mark Steyn, Bret Weinstein, Majid Nawaz, Patrick Ben David,Michael Malice, Walter Block… left, right, center, independent… shut down. This is no longer a war against Conservatives and their constant pity party mantra. It is about those who dare to speak truth to power, regardless of personal ideology.

Yet Tucker hosted many of the aforementioned. He broke through the barrier. That was his crime.

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What happened today in Miami with Trump was not an arrest, it was an arraignment. An arraignment is a legal process where the accused is fingerprinted, photographed and then appears in court to enter a plea. If the accused refuses to enter a plea the judge enters a plea of "not guilty" for the accused and in the case of someone like Trump, who is known around the world, the accused is released on his own recognzance.

If you thoght it was impossible to find a Prosecutor worse than Alvin Bragg, guess what? Jack Smith makes Alvin Bragg look like an preschool kid on a play ground for professionals. Neither Bragg nor Smith have the ethics required of a Lawyer and both should be immediately disbarred by their respective State Bar Associations. Both are losers and are trying to play chess with the big boys, but in reality are barely competent at checkers.

Criminal Law 101 at any Law School in America has this saying known by every first year Law Student: "A Federal Prosecutor can indite a ham sandwick for murder!"

Why can they do that? The Federeal Prosecutor is completely in charge of the Fedreal Grand Jury. The Federeal prosecutor can bring charges against the accused. The accused is rarely even given notice of a Federeal Grand Jury Proceeding against him or her. So there is no representation for the accused to show anything in favor of the accused or to counter the misconceptions the Federal Prosecutor brings against the accused. It is the Federal prosecutor's "job" to get indictments by any means necessary and it is the Trial Court's job to allow a defense to be made for the accused.

By the way, I know Trump was not arrested. I just watched him address a group of people, in real time, in Bedminster, N.J. at a little after 8 pm N.J. time, 6/13/2023. It was this morning that Trump appeared at his arraignment in Miami.

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I'm wondering if this is more than just trying to arrest him. They seem awfully desperate to get those documents from him. Maybe someone at Mar Lago got wind of Trump's plan to reveal something in those documents and hence the FBI raid.

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