If the abortion industry misses them kick in the assault post birth.

Oh, Obama kicked off this horror with his bathroom edict which ties in with;

Prophetic, American Thinker; Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured (Contrived) Crisis: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2008/09/barack_obama_and_the_strategy.html

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Cathy O'Brien:

Bill Clinton was being groomed to slip into the office of president because he would do and say what needed to be done. Therefore it was decided in 1984 that— I heard him and George (HW) Bush talking at Swiss Villa Amphitheater in Lampe, Missouri, that when people became disillusioned with Republicans leading them into the New World Order, then Bill Clinton as a Democrat would be put into place.

(38:45) At Bohemian Grove, the politicians would sit around and talk about the different ways that they were going to be implementing the New World Order, different traumas that were going to be unleashed on society. One discussion that was just really horiffic was using AIDS as a means of population control and introducing that in.

(40:00) When trauma occurs, the brain also photographically records events surrounding trauma. And my brain was photographically recording these discussions that were going on. One of the most interesting was between George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. George Bush was talking about how he believed in pedophilia so strongly, especially incest, in sexually abusing a child to heighten their suggestibility.

He (Bush) was very much for that aspect of things, whereas Bill Clinton was discussing how he believed in the genetic cloning aspect of things and genetic manipulation; how important it was for us to be able to catch up with artificial intelligence by stopping human procreation and creating a generation of genderless children.


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