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The World Economic Forum Exposed [VIDEO]: A Creepy Cult-like Scam Wrapped in Mystery

Investigative journalist, Michael Shellenberger, exposes the World Economic Forum as a creepy, cult-like scam with hidden finances, greenwashing, and sex trafficking.
After transcribing all the talks given so far at the WEF ’23, I developed the wordcloud above after removing filler and words.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a creepy event, filled with people who claim to want transparency and openness but hide their finances, according to investigative journalist and Substack columnist Michael Shellenberger. He argues that the WEF is a greenwashing exercise of people promoting insect eating to the masses, telling poor countries they shouldn't use fossil fuels while they fly private jets everywhere. In addition, he points out that the WEF is based in Switzerland, with the most restrictive banking rules allowing people, including criminal syndicates, to hide their wealth.

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The WEF is a litmus test for the worst people in the world, claims Shellenberger. Investors want to get inside information, politicians want to get jobs with those investors and billionaires after they leave office, and everybody's on the take. He calls it a cult wrapped in a con, shrouded in mystery, and a scam on its last legs, part of an older world order coming to an end.

“Sex workers come from all over Europe to service the very wealthy billionaires, investors, the staffs.”

– Michael Shellenberger

Shellenberger points out that sex trafficking has exploded around the same time the WEF is hosting its summit and that there are reports of sex workers from all over Europe servicing wealthy billionaires, investors, and staff. The Guardian newspaper has reported rampant sexual harassment, describing qualified staff within the WEF being passed up for promotion or let go because they aren't good-looking enough.

The WEF is a creepy organization that is sending all the wrong signals. If the WEF doesn't want people to think it is a James Bond villain, it should change its ways.

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