I am glad to see the veil fall and the revelation come to fruition.

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Jan 21, 2023Liked by UngaTheGreat

Brilliant to see this on Fox.

Let’s always refer to them as Creeps not elites. Wealth doesn’t make you elite.

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"The World Health Organization’s dystopian treaty is a bureaucratic power grab that must be resisted"

1/20/23 Frank Wright


Read every word in this article, twice. Your health and life may depend on it. It's happening and it's ugly, evil, dangerous, and ubiquitous.

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Jan 22, 2023Liked by UngaTheGreat

Flat out no.

I’ll die standing, soul intact , then on my knees, zero soul. Zero integrity. Sold out to fear.

Sold out to living in a Government controlled 5 min neighborhood.

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