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How the Timing of the ‘Discovered’ Classified Documents Can Benefit His Son: ‘This Is All Just Pre-Trial Maneuvering’

“So why is this all coming out now?… Why did the attorneys go in to look for all of these documents? Why are they turning them in?… they could clean up this mess and make it old news.”

The FBI, CIA, BigTech, Corporate Media, and others were able to suppress the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Now, you’re telling me these censor-trigging organizations couldn’t do the same for these classified documents?

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The FBI's raid into President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home was pure theater. But was it also to set the stage for the ‘discovery’ of Joe Biden's classified documents scandal? Why does Biden's incident seem like a ‘planned’ scenario? Well, for one, the muscle he hired to move this stuff just so happens to be his attorneys. Why did they look through them? Why did they release the findings to the public? Glenn Beck does an excellent job of explaining his thoughts on it and how it will eventually benefit one of the most corrupt families ever to step foot in the White House.

Attorney-Client Privilege

After mocking Joe “middle-class” Biden for having all these homes, Glenn dives into the red flag: Why were the attorneys moving this stuff?

“… the President's attorneys went to his office to pack up the stuff and, and close that office… Now that is the world's most expensive moving company… Why would you have your attorneys do that? Well, I could provide a thesis. Let's say, you know, you have something you shouldn't have. And maybe you've done something you shouldn't have done. You go to your attorneys first… What you say to them is, ‘you guys can't talk right? I mean, legally, everything I say to you, you can’t repeat it, right?… I got all these top-secret documents.… can you guys go in there and if you find them, just do what you have to do. I don’t want to know about it.’”

The ‘random’ locations where these documents are found beg the question: Where’s the FBI? Where’s the raid? President Trump had his locked securely, yet they still stormed his private property. Biden’s documents are spread everywhere and we are only hearing crickets from the FBI’s office.

No Money? No Problem! It’s only $50,000 a Month

One can imagine that the background check to have the authorization to look at classified material is a strict process that looks into all aspects of your life. Glenn reviews some of the red flags that could raise big concerns about providing authorization or being near the documents without any authorization. Someone like Hunter Biden.

“Who else has been in his house Oh, my gosh! A guy who's constantly asking for money for drugs and hookers. A guy who is doing shady business deals with China and with, Russia and Ukraine. Wait a minute. That's exactly the kind of guy we don't want to have access to top-secret documents… let's go back to that ultra-secure garage. That's the house that Hunter Biden was renting from his dad… when he had no money.”

Glenn hilariously acts out an exchange between Joe and Hunter over the rent amount of $50k per month. In the area where this home is located, the 50k per month price dwarfs the next highest amount at only $6k—why such an outrageously high price tag for your broke son? Well, Hunter’s going to get a job with a Chinese company and work for it—without ANY from daddy. Remember, at this point, Hunter is bitter and angry with his dad.

Republicans Retake The House

Now one of the more important questions regarding this Biden’s classified documents scandal is, why now? Glenn rightfully suggests that it’s because Republicans won congress and will start prosecuting The Biden Crime Family.

“Back in November, I remember reading a little story… about how Joe Biden's White House was now preparing for the onslaught of the Republicans who are going to possibly win Congress and they needed to have all these attorneys ready to go…”

“Why would you have your attorneys do this when you know you're going to look like a hypocrite? Well, you might want to do that with your attorneys so you could tell the attorneys everything that you know what's going on, and they can't say anything. And they could clean up this mess and make it old news.”

Biden Assigns Special Counsel: Pre-Trial Prep

Karine Jean-Pierre said that the appointed special counsel to this scenario was to “restore confidence in the system” and therefore prevent any of Joe Biden’s people from commenting on the case and repeating the following: “I refer you to the Department of Justice”

“… you've effectively now shut down the story… This is all just pre-trial maneuvering, pre-investigative maneuvering by the White House… Get all of these things cleared up so they can say, ‘I'm not talking about old news. I'm talking about what's happening today.’… That is exactly what's happening.”

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