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Dr. Naomi Wolf: ‘This Is a Coordinated Attack on the American People at the Absolute Highest Levels’

Dr. Naomi Wolf exposes alleged cover-ups, intelligence agency actions, and media manipulation concerning vaccine narratives.

Dr. Naomi Wolf uncovers the concealed machinations at the highest tiers of authority. Every American must be informed about the following revelations:

  • Undisclosed Meetings: Our intelligence agencies secretly met with Dr. Fauci without maintaining a visitor's log. This act, apart from being unlawful, compromises national security.

  • Smear Campaigns: Dr. Fauci coordinated efforts to discredit and malign those opposing lockdowns and vaccination mandates, including those involved with the Great Barrington declaration.

  • Foreign Involvements: Reports indicate a clear Memorandum of Understanding between China and biotech firms involved in vaccine production.

  • Media Manipulation: Legacy news outlets, including USA Today, have been influenced to address vaccine hesitancy. Despite their efforts, only a quarter of Americans have expressed a firm decision to get their booster shots.

  • Intimidation Tactics: The environment of fear has been evident. With the backdrop of contact tracing and vaccination mandates, many feel pressured into compliance.

  • Targeted Suppression: Dr. Wolf's tweet in June 2021 warning about bleeding complications faced a combined opposition from the White House, CDC, Twitter, Facebook, and other entities. Now, independent confirmations have emerged about the adverse effects she warned of.

  • FOIA Revelations: A Freedom of Information Act request concerning myocarditis returned a staggering 46-page document, highlighting the White House's emergency meeting in response to discovered adverse effects of mRNA injections. This document is a clear testament to high-level involvement and subsequent cover-up.

  • Misinformation and Silence: Despite the revelations, mRNA injections continued to be promoted, while dissenting voices, many of whom were accurate in their concerns, were silenced or de-platformed.

  • Distorted Narratives: The subsequent PR narrative painted those who chose not to vaccinate as potential threats, further deepening the divide and misinformation.

Dr. Wolf's findings shed light on a series of interconnected events and decisions that have profound implications. It is essential to remain informed and critical of the narrative being presented.