I don't even watch the mainstream news now, like at all, unless someone quotes or uploads a video to substack or other platform I follow...

I think, without looking this up to verify, the term "the free press" somehow centred around when printing presses became more accessible to the common public, and information became harder to control, the powers that be (such as a king or government) were worried what might be said about them, or what political influence such mass media may do to their society, what scandals night be exposed, what propaganda might be unleashed... As of course independent printing presses could disseminate such literature to vast numbers of people quickly (relative to the time period pre electronic communication).

This is why the powerful court journalists and their bosses, how owners of the press became rich and powerful, as the idealists wind up corrupted and part of the system ... Now often given disinformation to peddle for political gain or to subdue the masses...

The true free press is the non commercially compromised press... These days places like substack, and other (currently) uncontrollable platforms... Independent journalism is where to look for the truth, and sometimes lies, but the attraction is being able to decide for yourself what is the truth ... and after three years of obvious lies from the mainstream (well even many decades worth, but last three years has highlighted the level of bullsh!t they think we are stupid enough to swallow) the public are growing tired of the manufactured, gutless, unchallenging rubbish served up by these corporate drones...

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I haven't watched television or read a newspaper or consumed MSM tripe since the beginning of 2020. As more of us turn away from those outlets they will become redundant.

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I get almost all of my news online from Right Journalists.

The only news I watch on TV is RAV.

If DISH offered OAN then I’d watch it occasionally.

I use to watch Newsmax & I like a couple people there but I don’t trust them as much as RAV.

I am truly thankful for all the online constitutionalist, truth warrior journalists who actually research themselves, instead of just spewing Leftist propaganda lies.

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I was on the verge of writing a response to a hit piece done by Toronto's Globe & Mail on EU German representative Christine Anderson, an independant , vibrant voice within the EU parliment.

Instead I'll just forward your precise observation to the editors stuck in the muck loss,

of declining readership.

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There's a lot of potential for people to write about health in independent journalism without big pharma controlling what they're saying. For example, people can now spread the message about how to get off of diabetes medications, cure autoimmune disease, reverse heart disease, etc, just through diet changes and intermittent fasting. https://fastwell.substack.com/p/the-new-you-20

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History repeating itself.

Book Review - "Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press & the Rise of Alternative Media in America" http://realchangenews.org/2011/03/31/era-new-media-born-1960s

Now it seems "incurious minds" are the vogue, and people seem to fear turning into a pillar of salt if they gaze upon something contrary to the Narrative the MSM is selling.

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