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Charlie Kirk: Bills Gates, Like The CCP, Buying North Dakota Farmland To Control Food Supply

“Did you know that the Chinese [CCP] owns 100 million acres of farmland?”

Charlie Kirk explains why Bill Gates is the largest single farmland owner in the United States and shares the legal approval Gates received to purchase 2,100 acres in North Dakota for $13.5 million.

Bill Gates, wins legal approval to buy a huge swath of North Dakota farmland where $13.5 million Bill Gates is buying what is going on in North Dakota. Yeah, that's all the land owned by Bill Gates, by the way.

Here’s a breakdown of the ownership land type and by state (map visual below):

Farmland: 242,000 acres
Transitional: 25,750 acres
Recreational: 1,234 acres
Total: 268,984 acres

The clip finishes with Charlie Kirk explaining the details of the Gates purchase:

Why is Bill Gates buying up all this farmland? Why is Why is North Dakota allowing Bill Gates to own farmland? Shouldn't say you're actually you're not welcome here, Bill Gates. Well, largely because the Governor of North Dakota is very close with Bill Gates. They work together and Microsoft. They have homes together in the Yellowstone Club, which is like a ruling class actually really nice. I've been their ruling class kind of area in Big Sky Montana. They're best buddies. So come on CCP come by up North Dakota. Come on Bill Gates. Come on buy up North Dakota $13.5 million. Gay Gates is the single owner, largest owner of farmland United States. Do you know that Bill Gates owns 270,000 acres of farmland? Now, why would Bill Gates do that? Because Bill Gates knows that there's a currency collapse coming and that whoever owns the food supply is going to be rich, that if the currency collapses, then it's gonna be about a barter system and re-structuring whatever new currency comes in.


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