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Tell the truth:

I think that many people think or feel that they “don’t fit the mold” that our society/ culture seems to want to stuff them into and it is not a good fit…….. I completely understand such a feeling. The so called “political correctness” movement seems to have been doing just THAT….

(bully people to conform)…..You (we) are all individuals and deserve to live & let live. It does appear natural for a person to want to be part of a group that they want to be in with others who see or think similar supportive things….ie-A group of INDIVIDUALS respecting & appreciating other’s individualities & human commonalities for peace)…..I believe it was our founders who thought this way and had observed past failed powerful kingdoms and thus invented our new ingenious agreeable rules to allow individual freedoms….But not rules to impose overbearing

laws of limitations on others……It seems to me that such a goal is precisely what President Trump has always been aiming for & practicing to carry out !…. ( kind of like an honest doctor “practicing” his art, attempting to perfect things for all)…..It also seems that minority groups of any & all kinds are starting to realize this about Donald Trump’s goals…….Opponents to Trump have been trying to paint a false picture of him…. ( his unorthodox style sometimes giving them help) and thus they have used lies & spread untrue rumors they think they can sell using media…….The individual freedom of people and smaller groups and everybody is quite obviously what our constitution was written to protect… (ie- We be our own boss and respect the voting process to keep input from EVERYBODY

going)…..Thus we can fine-tune & improve on ourselves and our system as time proceeds. ….

(Using our Democratic Republic and REQUIRING TRUTH and each other to do just THAT!)…… Consider his actions….. Thank you

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Not one mention of DOD-Pharma partnership/contract??!? Thats what the judge said during Brook Jackson's lawsuit.

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